Welcome to i-Assist Virtual Assistance

Giving back your time!

You’re busy! You have great ideas! You are successful! Yay!

But…you have this sneaking suspicion that you could be more successful. So what is in your way? So far, you’ve been doing it all yourself. And you’ve done a wonderful job! So, what’s wrong? Do you hear yourself saying, “If I only had more time to….” or “if only I didn’t have to wade through all this email”?

What would happen if…

What would happen if you just left those nagging administrative and at times seemingly trivial things undone? You know what would happen.

Chaos! Loss of revenue! More time lost!

If only…

  • If only you had a helper, a partner, so to speak, who could take on those things that you don’t want to do?
  • If only someone could handle those things in an efficient and timely manner, so that you could focus on your business?
  • If only you actually had someone you could bounce ideas off of, and get some good ideas back?
  • If only someone could handle the nitty gritty, the administrative, the seemingly trivial?

Enter i-Assist

As a Virtual Assistant, I provide administrative, organizational, and other specialized services for you and your company. This is all done virtually; from my computer desk, through phone calls, over the Internet, and via e-mail and other web-collaboration tools. We could be on different parts of the planet and work together by internet or telephone.