The WHO of i-Assist

Who am I?

Linda Melcher, i-Assist Virtual AssistanceI am Linda Melcher. My business is i-Assist. Since 2007, it is my joy to partner with other small and micro business owners for the success of their businesses. I help with things they don’t have time for, or that they just don’t want to do. I am skilled in many areas. If I don’t know how to do it, I know someone who does, or I can find a resource to get it done.

Before my virtual assistance days, I held various positions in educational and nonprofit arenas. Some of these traditional work-place jobs include: technology coordinator, publications secretary, web master and administrative assistant.

I am a business owner, and entrepreneur. I am no longer an employee, but a partner, who steps into your business to make things run more smoothly. My goal is to free up time for the busy entrepreneur, and create a sense of peace that things are getting done behind the scenes.